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Our Vision

Safe LPG cylinder for every use. 

Our Mission

To create a positive impact on people’s daily life by making the safest LPG cylinder accessible for every use. 

Our Values

We value Operational Excellence: Our culture and mindset are focused on embracing business principles and tools to create sustainable improvement with Sigma Cylinders’ operations.

Work-life balance – Empowerment – Competence Development – Collaboration

We are committed: At Sigma Cylinders, we are committed to delivering the safest products with the highest quality.

Seriousness – Sincerity – Affection – Loyalty – A sense of ownership – A sense of obligation

We care for all: The true sense of caring for the communities. While caring about the environment, we cater to our communities’ energy needs.

Employees – Communities – Environment

Sigma Academy

Annual capacity, customisable

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And continuously growing to offer

opportunities in all local communities

ISO Certifications

Processes that comply with all

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Sigma Cylinders sets itself apart through its diligent and systematic process to offer continuously superior quality. The core business thus follows a uniquely precise and efficient model and a meticulously selective refurbishment procedure. 
Following the strict standards and guidelines set by international certified bodies, the Sigma Cylinders manufacturing process is particularly exhaustive, starting with the controls upon receipt of the raw material and all the way to delivering its quality products.
Following the strict standards and guidelines set by international certifying bodies, the Sigma Cylinders refurbishment process is particularly exhaustive, starting with the controls upon receipt of the raw material and all the way through to delivering its quality products.

From portable, small cylinders to large household or commercial units, the Sigma Cylinders product line is extensive and highly adaptable to client requirements and requisite standards and norms. Based on the client’s preferences, the type of handle, foot, valve, final coat color and silk printing can be customized. Requiring less steel, less heating and less crude, the low-weight products fall within the framework of Sigma Cylinders' commitment to environmental action.

Offering a range of LPG cylinders from 3 KG to 50 KG depending on client requirements.


In its continuous quest to provide clients with a full range of products and services. Sigma Cylinders has partnered with the market’s best to offer accessories and services that complement LPG cylinders.

Sigma Academy
At Sigma Cylinders we believe that continuous learning leads to guaranteed growth.
The Academy was developed as a training system covering three programs dedicated for:

To Improve skills reducing defects in a safe environment.

To developing technical, leadership, and planning skills.

To create awareness campaigns and promoting the shift towards clean energy.
Sigma Academy
July 1, 2021
Sigma Cylinders new plant official opening event in Abidjan, Ivory Coast IN
Under the Patronage of His Excellency Minister of Industry and Commerce in Abidjan, Mr. Souleymane Diarrassouba, Sigma Cylinders inaugurated the new plant located at the PK24, Industrial Zone. The new Sigma Cylinders Abidjan Plant built area is 10,000 sqm and encompasses 400+ employees servicing more than 5 major clients in Ivory Coast and the neighboring countries. The plant has a manufacturing capacity of 2 million cylinders annually, with a wide range of cylinders of different sizes starting from 6kg to 50kg. Moreover, the plant is equipped to do cylinder refurbishment, in addition to cylinder accessories and LPG filling stations. During the inauguration, Mr. Mohammad Jaber - Sigma Cylinders GM highlighted the positive impact that this plant will bring to the region in terms of accelerating the economical cycle, creating work opportunities, and facilitating the shift toward clean energy.
July 13, 2022
How can traceability improve the quality and safety of the manufacturing process?
When confronted with a buying decision, customers don’t just look at the price or the label of the product to make up their minds, there are 2 factors highly considered in this process: Quality & Safety.When we talk about LPG cylinders, these 2 attributes can’t be overlooked, because the lives of the people depend on them!Some nations like Tanzania, Ivory Coast, and Ghana had their share of suffering after massive LPG cylinder explosions in a record time, leaving a question mark about the manufacturing process.The truth about this process is that it can only be measured, tested, and rated; monitored, improved, and sustained by the traceability process!Read more https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-can-traceability-improve-quality-safety-manufacturing-/
CSR & Environment
March 24, 2022
We care about the environment and the well-being of the people.
Without initiatives, leaders are simply workers in leadership positions.Sigma Cylinders, under RJ Group Holding, has taken the shift towards clean energy and deforestation to a groundwork level where we have visited rural areas in East Africa, granted full sets of 6Kg cylinders to homes, and guaranteed the spread of LPG education and awareness among the beautiful families we have met. Sigma Cylinders took another great initiative in changing the whole environment for those families by replacing their homes with new ones having a fresh healthy start. Six new houses are on 60% of construction with expected delivery in 45 days. We operate in Africa and we will always assist in African growth and development. 
November 7, 2019
We recycle.
“Sustainability” is a pillar of our corporate strategy. In our core business, we have adopted the notion of facilitating the shift towards clean energy. But we did not stop here. We have also developed and implemented a strict recycling policy in all our manufacturing processes across our four plants Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Iraq.As a first step, we have prepared a Recycling Program and determined the types of recyclable materials that are being discarded and the approximate volume per week and month. We have identified that we can recycle steel, nylon, wood, plastic, paper and water.Now, we are separating and capturing the recyclable material in dedicated recycling bins at the best locations to accommodate the collection process. We continuously talk to our employees to get their feedback on any suggestions for improvement.As with any program, our initial objective is to build the right habits quickly and try to blend the program with Sigma Cylinders corporate culture, employees, and existing routines as much as possible so that the new habits are much easier on the entire organization.Last but not least, the money collected from the recycling process, is given back to our communities through local charity organizations.