Sigma Cylinders Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy - QHSE Policy

This Policy represents the framework for planning and improving the IMS, and setting general and specific quality objectives

The Integrated Management System policy is appropriate to Sigma Cylinders' processes, products, and services it is derived from the overall policies, context, and strategies, it provides a framework for establishing and reviewing objectives.

Sigma Cylinders' integrated Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Policy is defined by:

Commitment to:

• The satisfaction of our customers in all aspects by supplying high-quality products, complying with the relevant standards, and always on time.

• Fulfill our commitment through total involvement of management, staff, and stakeholders at Sigma cylinders with continual improvement in our integrated management system.

• Identify, prevent, control, and minimize adverse environmental impacts associated with our operational activities.

• Comply with all Quality, Health, Safety & Environment requirements.

• Develop and maintain a highly motivated and trained workforce for effective management of QHSE issues.

• Communicate our QHSE commitment to clients, employees, and other interested parties.

• Strive to continually improve our QHSE performance keeping in view the relevant regulatory requirements, community concerns, and technological advancements which will allow us to produce & maintain a high-quality product, and a healthy and safe workplace with minimal impact on the environment.

• Comply with applicable legal requirements.

• Adopt the best practice of operations to prevent negative influence on the environment and ill health & injuries.

• Commit to continually improving our workplace and workforce. 

ID Serial: QM-F1 Rev (2)

Date: December 2020