Mechanical Process
The design and calculations department can customize any design in any size adapting to all standards set by the client. In terms of safety, any design undergoes a thorough inspection and testing to verify its compliance with the requested technical specifications.
Moreover, after 23 years of manufacturing experience, Sigma Cylinders has optimized and modified all machinery to ensure defect reduction, high-quality production, and increased efficiency. Through every step of the process, there are associated quality controls, including visual inspections, dimensional controls, depth inspection, logging, and more.
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Welding Process
All welders at the Sigma Cylinders facilities are certified and skilled specialists. They perform comprehensive logging that allows for prompt tracking of the steel source and the machine used in the production batch for source traceability purposes.
Moreover, all welding equipment at Sigma Cylinders is state of the art, regularly inspected and maintained, and used in a clean, safe, and well-prepared environment. As with the mechanical process, every step of the welding procedure is inspected and controlled.
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Finishing Process
The detail-oriented finishing process truly portrays the high-quality standards set by Sigma Cylinders. During this process, quality control is a key component of success, and quality inspectors follow every step closely and carefully.  
Treated with heat, tested with hydrostatic pressure, painted through a multi-step process including metallization, primer, and the final coating, and later on customized with silk screen printing, every Sigma cylinder is a testament to the commitment and expertise of the Sigma team.
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