Following the strict standards and guidelines set by international certifying bodies, the Sigma Cylinders refurbishment process is particularly exhaustive, starting with the controls upon receipt of the raw material and all the way through to delivering its quality products.


Giving new life to damaged cylinders is part of Sigma Cylinders’ environmentally conscious endeavours. By refurbishing cylinders, the company takes an active role in waste reduction and energy efficiency.  


Quality control and testing become even more gruelling in the refurbishment department, requiring increased steps in the procedures and even more monitoring and inspections.

One of the most important steps in the process is carefully selecting the cylinders that have the minimum requirements for refurbishment and can be treated successfully. Aside from the visual inspection, Sigma conducts various lab tests, in addition to monitor the interior of the cylinder through a borescope camera. 


Following safety ISO specifications, all cylinders are de-gazed and cleaned. Only then do repairs take place with all the necessary quality controls and inspections.