March 5, 2022

Minister of Industry plant visit

Minister of Industry, Georges Bouchikian, said during his visit to Sigma Cylinders’ plant on Saturday, March 5, 2022, in the Bekaa Valley, that this tour came within the framework of examining the extent of importance and skills of the Lebanese Industrialists in producing a commodity that enters every household, shop, restaurant, hotel, and institution, meeting the required standards and specifications. 

The Minister congratulated the Chairman of RJ Group Holding, Mr. Rabah Jaber, who welcomed him along with the employees. The Minister pointed out that any industrial company that can export to 21 countries, must have obtained an International Certificate of Recognition for their operations, factory and products. Minister Georges Bouchikian praised the efforts of the factory employees, for manufacturing 3,300,000 new LPG cylinders that have been replaced in the Lebanese market so far. 

As part of the visit, Sigma Cylinders’ General Manager, Mohammad Shamas, and the team presented the Integrated Management System (IMS) implementation at the plant. The presentation covered quality, safety, health, and environment which are Sigma Cylinders’ 2022 main focus.

Mr. Rabah Jaber thanked The Minister for his visit and support of the national industry, and confirmed that as a result of our growth and expansion, we will provide new jobs opportunities for our people. He explained that the number of employees in the factory in Lebanon reached 300+, in addition to dozens of Lebanese staff members in Sigma Cylinders’ factories in Ghana, Iraq, and the Ivory Coast.