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CSR & Environment

We recycle.

“Sustainability” is a pillar of our corporate strategy. In our core business, we have adopted the notion of facilitating the shift towards clean energy. But we did not stop here. We have also developed and implemented a strict recycling policy in all our manufacturing processes across our four plants Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Iraq.

As a first step, we have prepared a Recycling Program and determined the types of recyclable materials that are being discarded and the approximate volume per week and month. We have identified that we can recycle steel, nylon, wood, plastic, paper and water.

Now, we are separating and capturing the recyclable material in dedicated recycling bins at the best locations to accommodate the collection process. We continuously talk to our employees to get their feedback on any suggestions for improvement.

As with any program, our initial objective is to build the right habits quickly and try to blend the program with Sigma Cylinders corporate culture, employees, and existing routines as much as possible so that the new habits are much easier on the entire organization.

Last but not least, the money collected from the recycling process, is given back to our communities through local charity organizations. 

Together we can rebuild an entire country

As members of the same community, our hearts are with the people of Beirut.

It is our duty to help and stand in solidarity with the victims of this disaster, and so, 50 of us volunteered to help on the field.

Divided into 10 groups of 5, we took on one risky mission after another.

Some of us were opening roads, others were cleaning houses, and some of us were even able to move the balconies that were threatening people's lives.

Together and with our combined efforts, we can rebuild an entire country.